How to Increase Your Feed Subscribers

The true success of a blog can only be determined by the number of feed subscribers it has. Such subscribers are more valuable to your blog than the normal visitors or even page views. Most freelancers and bloggers strive to achieve an increase in their number of feed subscribers. Search engines too recognise such blogs and tend to reward them with better rankings. So what exactly are the ways you could use to increase the number of feed subscribers?

Increase Your Feed Subscribers

Create a Value Proposition for Your Subscribers

One of the better ways to gain subscribers is to make them feel that their time spent on your blog is valuable. While one way to do this is quality content, the other way is to give them unique things. Examples of the same include Photoshop brushes, eBooks or anything you might deem popular. Install a RSS footer plugin and include the link to the giveaways in that space.

Use Feedburner Extensively

Feedburner is a program that allows you to keep a tab on the number of subscribers your blog has. Every seasoned blogger should know of its utility as it’s a very useful tool. It helps you track the progress of your blog. You can also install the Feedburner plugin for redirecting all your feeds.

Feedburner also helps you to enable email subscriptions of your blog. Regular readers will appreciate this feature and it will definitely lead to an increase in the subscriber count.

Use Google Analytics to Track Subscribers

The main aim of any blog owner should be to improve the content of his or her blog. This has a direct bearing on the blog’s subscriber count. Additionally, if your aim is to increase this count then you have to track the sources of your traffic. Doing so will allow you to refine your methods in favour of those that have the highest conversion rate of visitors to subscribers.

Concentrate on Offering Full Feeds

This is a very common advice that is not given adequate due by blog owners. Readers tend to subscribe to only those blogs that provide them with full feeds. Conversely, they tend to discontinue their subscription rather quickly if the blog doesn’t offer them a full feed. This tendency of readers only reiterates that oft-quoted saying ‘Getting subscribers is easy, keeping them is hard’.

Add Variety and Functionality to Your Subscription Options

The subscription option of your blog should always be prominently displayed. Although you can choose a spot that appeals to you the most, it is generally advised to place that option above the fold. Additionally, the option should be properly highlighted by any means possible. Experts recommend using a huge RSS button or even having large empty spaces around this button.

Another oft recommended position for placing the blog subscription options is the bottom of every post. This is at the end of every article on your blog after which the reader starts thinking of the next thing he or she wants to do.

Use Directories to Submit Your Feed

If you are in the habit of using blog directories to boost the visibility of your blog, then submitting your feed to a directory should pose no hassles. In fact many of the blog directories include this feature within them. Just ensure that your entire content is not scraped off.

Conduct Contests

This is a great way to get people subscribing to your feed happily. Yes, there is a good chance that a large number of people might unsubscribe as soon as the contest ends but you are assured of atleast a few long-term subscribers. Remember that the prize on offer is directly correlated to the number of subscribers you’ll gain.

Most of these techniques and tricks will help you get more feed subscribers in one way or the other.

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