Blogger vs. WordPress – Pros and Cons

It’s pretty normal for each product to have its own set of positives and negatives. This also applies to the blogging platforms of WordPress and Blogger. Even then, a lot of people get confused while choosing between two of the most popular blogging platforms. The following write up aims to help the user decide between these two platforms. Both the Pros and Cons are listed below which will make the selection easier for even those who are not well-versed with the technical aspect of blogging.


Blogger is wholly owned by Google. And because of that it’s common for most people to start blogging with this platform. It is very ubiquitous. Blogger is also popular among beginners as it’s easy to use and the scope for customization is pretty high. And the most important thing is that all this is completely free.


  1. Getting started with Blogger is very easy and so is using it, just like using emails.
  2. Blogger takes convenience to a new level with its Mobile Blogging feature where you can write blogs through email or your cellphone.
  3. Blogger also allows uploading of videos and needless to say this makes for a complete blogging experience.
  4. User interface for Blogger is highly intuitive. Even newbies will find their way through.
  5. Customization is possible without the need to hard code. This includes ability to change background colors and position.
  6. With your blog (which is free in the first place) you can also earn money.
  7. Your Blogger account can be easily linked with your Gmail account.
  8. Your blog is free of advertisements unless you want them of course.
  9. You can buy and host a domain on Blogger itself.


  1. Your posts are listed in the “Older-Newer” format unlike WordPress where they are listed in terms of pages.
  2. Posts widgets are absent.
  3. Unattractive appearance of navigation bar.
  4. Customization of widgets is quite difficult.
  5. Can’t host a local blogger system.


WordPress is open source software. Also, this blogging software is based on MySQL and PHP which means you can customize the software to your heart’s content by modifying the code. But this manipulation is the domain of an experienced user only as it involves application of programming knowledge along with technical know-how related to hosting and servers.


  1. If you are good at programming then this is the software for you because of its highly customizable nature.
  2. Widgets and themes are ready made and easily available.
  3. Massive community support among forums.
  4. Since its open source, lack of help is never a concern.
  5. Setting up of a forum with blog and directory support is easy.
  6. Download of the WordPress blog local server is possible for testing reasons.
  7. The software has many easy to use widgets like popular posts, related posts, recent comments etc.


  1. It is not free as you will have to cough up money for hosting and the domain.
  2. Earning money by advertisements on a free blog is not possible here.
  3. Sometimes advertisements are shown on your blog and that too without your permission.
  4. Overall cost of operation is slightly higher than Blogger.

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