10 Study Tips For All Students:

Are you a student of any competitive exams and struggle to prepare for your exams? If yes is your answer, this post will help you with top 10 tips from one of the best TNPSC Coaching centre in Chennai for all students to clear the exams in a single attempt.

10 Study Tips For All Students

Also, this tip will suit for all the students who are all appearing for any of the competitive exams in this year, and I am sure that this post will serve you better.

  1. Find Your Space:

    Your study space should inspire you and make you feel comfortable. But make sure it is distraction free. A distraction free space will let you study with high concentration.

  2. Pick Your Time:

    Find the time that suits you. Some study better at night, while others in the morning. Don’t push yourself to study when you are tired – it just won’t work. So just study during your comfortable time and take a proper break at regular intervals.

  3. Make A Plan:

    Use a wall planner or the calendar on your phone. Make to-do lists to break down large tasks. Set alarms and reminders to keep you on track. This will help you from getting tired and bored of the learning.

  4. Set Goals:

    Write out your goals when you begin. Make sure they are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time. Try to reach your goals every day before it ends.

  5. Find Your Style:

    Get to know your learning style. Some learn best by listening, some by seeing, and some even by doing. Discover that whether do you learn best by listening, seeing, or doing?

  6. Review:

    Revising your work is the best way to make the knowledge stick. Quiz yourself or make flashcards to understand your topic really. Revising will also help you to overcome your mistakes and correct it yourself instead of correcting it by someone else.

  7. Take Breaks:

    Studying tired isn’t going to be productive. Take a break, walk around now and then and the time you spend working will be much more efficient. Don’t forget to take a break at regular intervals. One of an expert from a top TNPSC group 2 coaching in Chennai has said that you should take 5 min of the break for every 45 min of reading.

  8. Just Ask:

    If you are stuck – ask for help! Even talking with friends or family might help you see a problem in a different way.

  9. Stay Healthy:

    A healthy mind needs a healthy body. Make sure you are eating well and drinking plenty of water while you are studying.

  10. Be Motivated:

    Use your goals and study spaces to keep you motivated. Stick up quotes that inspire you – they will help you remember what you are working towards.

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