Simple Ways To Increase Dell Laptop Speed

The performance of dell laptop will gradually decrease based on the Operating System ages. At the same time, a program takes more time to start, and navigation becomes slow to respond. This will happen because of installing too many software’s and as well as the kind of programs loaded.

Simple Ways to Increase Dell Laptop Speed

The simple way to improve your dell laptop speed may not give a chance to upgrade your system. The dell laptop service center in Chennai has given you some tips to improve the speed of dell laptop.

Disk Cleanup

Have a regular hard disk clean up to get a performance improvement. If the data loaded is less, then your system may affect any other resources. Click on “Computer” app on your desktop and then right click on the disk which you want to look and click “properties.” In that, click “Disk Cleanup” which can gather all your temporary system data. Click the entries which you want to remove permanently from your laptop. Finally click, “Ok” to start the procedure, the time taken depends on a number of files on your disk.

Virtual Memory

Virtual Memory is used to recompense the RAM – Random Access Memory on your system. Most of the applications were use this memory to load and save the temporary data which helps to increase your system performance. From the start menu click “Control Panel” in that “System” selects “System and Security” option. In “Settings,” click the “Advanced system settings” and click on change. Now pick the disk whose virtual memory you want to manage by clicking the “Custom Size.”

The Disk Cleanup and Virtual memory are standard for Lenovo, Hp, and acer. Consider it when you want to increase these brand laptops speed.

Malware Inspection

Spyware can absorb the vital system resources which run as services and processes in the background. It can also include distinctive actions such as collect statistics of internet browsing, steal personal information, and it can also change your system integrity. So keeping your laptop as spyware free will help to improve and maintain the performance. Microsoft offered solution to this malware for free and called as Security Essentials.

Install the application such as Avast, Avira Antivir, etc to perform the full scan on your system. These are user-friendly tools.

Disk Defragmenter

It will organize all your settings and existing files on your system to increase the laptop speed. To do this, click on “start” menu and in search box type as “dfrgui” to use the disk defragmenter. Now select the drive and click “Defragment Disk” to run the process.

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